Waterproofing Mebrane

As specialists in waterproofing related issues, we are loyal in providing the best customer service that is second to one. Approved Waterproof services offers a well planned and quality service with effective long-term, long lasting waterproofing membrane. With our waterproofing membrane we promise quality and strong services.

MMash waterproofing team believes in safety and quality, as such, our key focus is on quality control, training, check-ups and site management. Provided that we don’t forget the importance of our employees safety in the process of duty. all in all with the absence of our  technicians, we surely cannot be able to help you out. Hence it is everyone’s duty to make sure safety policies are taken into thought.  Products we used for example the waterproofing membrane are safety guaranteed as well.

 Services we offer are of the highest quality, and when combined with efficiency and professionalism, our clients always receive the results they expect. skill is obviously no exception, because with such matters we always come out guns blazing. Despite having quite a huge pool of service, our technicians are always up for the task on new projects.

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Whether you have a new construction project, or it is time for repairs, we offer waterproofing services to the following and more: Roofs, balconies and walkways, showers and baths, planter boxes, walls, shafts, basements, Parkades, joint sealing and etc. Meanwhile, we can only reach out to clients around Gauteng or the place nearby. Certainly, our main objective is to certainly reach out to everyone around the country. These services are obviously essential to everyone, although we cannot reach out to everyone at once.

In doing so our services are offered to everyone unconditionally regardless of the class of a client. Reason why we’re gradually getting recognition nationwide. Regardless of that, we’re still looking forward to getting exposure to even many more other potential clients. For this reason, it’s a belief we have that the necessity of our services is essential to everyone with an issue related to our field of expertise. Above all, we always make a way to protect you from leaks that often damage or affect other parts of a that leaking object.

Of course, it has only been a year of our existence, but we have been able to make immense impact. Apart from that, the clients themselves have played a huge role in the existence of MMash waterproofing.  By the same token, as how our employees have been able to do their work competently all the time. In summary, we’ve been able to stand firm in the business regardless of the competition and challenges that comes with it. Given these points, the main aim is to get through even more clients who’ve been looking for a reliable and trusted waterproofing company. To get a free quote be in touch with us and we’ll get back to you shortly. Get Quote now.

Waterproofing Membrane

MMash waterproofing Pty (Ltd) is 100% black owned company, established in February 2020 by Mrs. Mpho Modjadji and Mr. Steven Ndonyane.


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